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Keep the Heroes out

In Keep the Heroes Out, you play with the other players as a team, trying to keep the "heroes" from stealing your hard-earned treasures. Use your cards to move, activate abilities, defend as well as attack the "heroes", in an attempt to avoid them getting too close to your precious treasures.

Player count
45 min.

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In this asymmetric co-op game for 1-4 players, play as one of the monster clans that protect their hard-earned treasures from invading hordes of robbers (so-called heroes) who try to steal them.

You have the option to choose from a variety of monster clans. Each clan has unique and different abilities, so no two games are alike.

On a turn, players draw 5 cards each, and it is with these that players can move, activate abilities, defend and attack.

Your goal is to survive three levels of threat by invading "heroes" by defending your treasures. If the main treasure is stolen, the game ends and you have lost, but if you manage to protect the treasures long enough, you all win and you and your team can call yourself winners and keep the treasures!

45 x painted meeples
12 x dungeon tiles
9 x special ability cards
90 x monster cards
28 x craft cards
16 x guild cards
48 x scenario cards
16 x epic guild cards

13 x treasure tokens
8 x portal tokens
5 x bone tokens
5 x coin tokens
5 x frog tokens
5 x book tokens
5 x mage tokens
5 x archer tokens

5 x warrior tokens
5 x rogue tokens
5 x booby trap tokens
20 x wound tokens
4 x objective tokens
1 x rulebook
1 x dungeonbook

Besides that two expansions are included.

Guild Master’s Revenge
Here one player becomes the guildmaster, who plays against the other players.
20 x painted meeples
20+ x cards

The Great Dreamer (Kickstarter Exclusive)
Play as Cthulhu!
1 x painted Cthulhu meeple
20+ x cards


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One of the most charming games I’ve played in years! The deckbuilding is great, the cooperation is great, the asymmetry in between player powers is great. Super impressive! I am over the moon folks!

Rahdo Runs Through

Brueh has done a fantastic job creating something fun, playful, beautiful, challenging, and satisfying that’s tightly designed. I highly recommend Keep the Heroes Out.

Neat & Nerdy

This is such a fun strategy puzzle of a game with a smidge of push your luck mixed in! Everything about it looks adorable and gorgeous! Those toads are just so stinkin cute!

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