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A Story of Civilization

In Mosaic: A Story of Civilization, you are the ruler of a civilization, and you must guide yourself through its construction, right from the start. Your job is to make the right choices, which makes you and your civilization the best and most powerful civilization of them all. It is your choices that affect the reputation and honor of your civilization. Do you have what it takes to make the necessary choices and make your civilization the most influential civilization in history, or does your civilization go into oblivion?

Player count
120 min.

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In Mosaic: A Story of Civilization you will guide an ancient civilization from its founding. Your decisions will determine whether it will thrive and be remembered as the greatest civilization in history or falter and be lost in the sands of time. Every decision you make is yet another shining stone in the unique mosaic of your civilization.

You will have to make the right decisions. Which leader do you want to be? What technologies and benefits will your civilization research into? Where do you start your first city? Do you want to find new cities or focus on the military?

These choices and many more decisions are yours. Are you taking the right ones?

In a turn you have 8 different actions that you can make use of.
– Learn a new technology
– Found a new City, Town, or Build a Project
– Recruit new Military Units or move existing Units
– Increase the Population of your civilisation
– Produce key-currencies
– Tax the Population
– Construct a wonder
– Create a Government

You've got many possible actions to choose from - the question is, if you're able to find the best route to victory and get your civilization to be the mightiest one of all!

We have both the Sphinx and Colossus-variant.

150 x city, town og port-tiles (Sphinx) / miniatures (Colossus)
(Fordelt med 25 i 6 farver – 10 city, 6 farm town, 6 manufactory town og 3 port)
132 x military unit-tiles / miniatures
(Fordelt med 22 i 6 farver – 10 infantry, 10 cavalry og 2 siege engine)
Upgraded military miniatures (Rome, Carthage, Assyria, Greece, Egypt og Gaul) * Only for Colossus *  
60 x wooden worker pawns (10 in 6 colors)
60 x worker-miniatures (10 in 6 colors)
9 x wonder hex-tiles / miniatures (Lighthouse of Alexandria, Colosseum of Rome, Colossus of Rhodes, Hanging Gardens, Great Library, Great Pyramids, Temple of Artemis, Sphinx, Stonehenge)

9 x wonder tiles
9 x golden ages tiles
9 x civilization achievement tiles
6 x government tiles
28 x cache tiles (4 food, 6 coin, 8 stone and 10 ideas)
Circular trade goods tiles
50 x madbrikker i form af korn (30) og fisk (20) i enten pap (Sphinx) eller træ (Colossus)
50 x stone tokens in either cardboard or wood
50 x ideas tokens in either cardboard or wood
90 x coin tokens in either cardboard (Sphinx) or metal (Colossus)

1 x huge first player marker
5 x denomination coins in either cardboard (Sphinx) or metal (Colossus)
20 x tax and tariff cards
20 x population cards
37 x build cards
97 x technology cards
9 x leader cards
6 x player boards
1 x main board

If table space or giant boards aren’t an issue for you, this one is a palatable treat. No, this isn’t a complicated version of Risk or a game with a big emphasis on war. Card synergy and Action selection take the place of the traditional wargaming elements found in “normal” civilization games. There is nothing in this design that feels out of place, and anyone who wants a distinct flavor of the civilization genre will find something to satisfy their tastebuds here. – Meeple Mountain (link) 

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There is nothing in this design that feels out of place, and anyone who wants a distinct flavor of the civilization genre will find something to satisfy their tastebuds here.

Meeple Mountain

Mosaic delivers streamlined mechanisms that are often foreign to the civilization genrre. The drafting and engine-building work seamlessly together.

The Game Boy Geek

Mosaic is hitting all the right, satisfying buttons and stand at the top of the civilization game genre. This game is certainly MvM Approved.

Man vs Meeple