About us

Papan Games is run by Frederik. The company was started in October 200. After having the thought for a long time, I thought now is the time.

I have always been happy playing boardgames. Since childhood, I have played a lot of boardgames with my family. Games likes Settlers, which now has as a new name Catan, we have played a whole lot. Furthermore I can mentions Landmandsspillet, Finans, Monopoly, Matador, Risk, Carcassonne and I could go on mentioning games, which I have grown up with. Boardgames I have always liked.

After moving out, my collection of boardgames have just grown and grown. Some would say, that it is a problem, but the only problem I have got with it, is the lack of hours per day to have time for playing boardgames. My collection is not bigger, than it can not be in my apartment. So far.

In recent years, I have done a lot in finding special and different boardgames that I could not just buy online or the nearest local bookstore. That is why I have a special love for Kickstarter, where I have bought a lot of games, also games which I have still to play.

The goal of Papan Games is to help people see that there are other boardgames than the ones you can just pick up at the local store. That there are board games which are different, that there are board games which are really beautiful and unique, that it is possible to find board games which are not owned by everyone, to get them to introduce other friends and family to the world of boardgames.

At Papan Games, we strive to get good deals from various publishers, so we can offer our fellow boardgamers great prices on boardgames which are unique and special, and where there are usually extra exclusive components and things included, without it is going to cost a lot extra.

I would like to try to make our prices as fair as possible, so if you find a boardgame cheaper elsewhere in Denmark, then I will gladly try to make a good deal for you as well. Should you want to buy more than one boardgame, please contact me, then we can probably also find a good deal.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this. And most importantly: Remember to play boardgames!