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Doors of Cartagena

In Aldabas: Doors of Cartagena the doors speak. Not with words, but with the grandiose knockers that adorn them. In Spanish colonial times, the knockers announced your job and your social status with the design and detail.

Player count
30-45 min.

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Lions, lizards, sea creatures, and hands proclaimed the homes' occupants as soldiers, nobles, fishermen, and clergy. The beautiful doorcards show some of the most known historical aldabas (spanish for knockers), brought to life by the colombian artist Juan Vargas.

Aldabas is a puzzley tableau-builder in which you seek to fill your neighborhood with the most influential citizens. On each turn, players will take actions to build their neighborhood or increase their wealth. Clever placement will unlock bonuses, but only if you build in the right way...

It’s not enough to merely win over a profession, you must also satisfy its conditions well, to really reap the rewards it has to offer! Each profession has different priorities, so make sure that you keep an eye on how to score best from the ones that you favor!

81 x cards
56 x coins
4 x vaultcards
1 x dock board
1 x rulebook

Besides this our version includes extra which is the following:
56 x coins as wood (instead of cardboard)
27 x extra professioncards 


Weight: 1 kg.

I love crunchy tableau builders and Aldabas is definitely that. Each decision really matters and the tight framework creates fun tension for everyone throughout. Great game!

The Dicey Review

The first play left me hungry for more, and the second made me realize how many different strategies there could be.

Sara Meadows – Tatrum Hourse

Structuring your grid in a way that you’re going to activate the right abilities at the right time in a way that triggers multiple reactions while also achieving your end game goals, that’s where the puzzle of this game comes in.