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Endless Winter

Endless Winter: Paleoamericans takes place in North America, around 10,000 BCE, so many many years ago. Players guide the development of their tribes across several generations - from nomadic hunter-gatherers to prosperous tribal societies.

Player count
60-120 min.

999 kr. – Pt. ikke tilgængelig.

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Over the course of the game, tribes migrate and settle new lands, establish cultural traditions, hunt paleolithic megafauna, and build everlasting megalithic structures.

Endless Winter is a euro-style game that combines worker placement and deck building in an innovative way. Each round, players send their tribe members to various action spaces, and pay for the actions by playing cards and spending resources. Tribe cards grant additional labor, while Culture cards provide a variety of unique effects. As an alternative, cards can be saved for an end-of-round Eclipse phase, where they are simultaneously revealed to determine the new player order, and trigger various bonus actions.

The game features a novel blend of interwoven systems and mechanisms, such as multi-use cards, area influence, tile placement, and set collection. Plus, there are many viable paths to victory.

After four brisk rounds, scores are tallied, and the tribe with the most points wins!

Our version of the game is the Chief-edition, which includes a long list of expansions and extra components.

Besides that, our version is Kickstarter-exclusive, which means, that extra components are included, which were only available if you backed through Kickstarter. (some components may be available at boardgame fairs etc.)

1 x Endless Winter Deluxe edition
1 x Ancestors expansion
1 x Mammoth module
1 x Aurora Borealis module
1 x Canine Familiars module
1 x Ceremonial Grounds module
1 x River & Raft expansion
1 x Cave Painting expansion
1 x Big playmat (in two parts)
1 x Upgraded components in resin

On the pictures downbelow, you'll see what's included. Chief includes eveything from both Pathfinder and Shaman.


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Endless Winter is one of my most anticipated games. If it sounds like I’m a hype man, I guarantee you I am. This one is an evergreen to me!


I think this is going to really blow up on Kickstarter – it really should. Jen and I love it!… I can only imagine this game has a very, very bright future!

Rahdo Runs Through

Endless Winter has done an incredible job at combining two of my favorite systems, deck building and worker placement, into one cohesive thought with beautiful artwork and lovely components.