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Founders Edition

In Hamlet, the players work together to transform their Hamlet into a bustling small town. In this tile placement game, players construct buildings that everyone can use to create materials, refine resources, earn money and make important deliveries to construct Hamlet's great landmark - the Church.

Player count
60-120 min.

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Hamlet has irregularly shaped tiles that connect together without a grid to form a village that is completely different every time you play.

The placement of the tiles creates organically connected paths that villagers use to access the buildings.

The distance between buildings is important, as resources have to be transported from one building to another. This leads players to construct a game board where no two games will ever feel the same.

As the buildings are shared, it also creates a fluid economy where players have to adapt to the new needs that arise in their Hamlet.

Recruit builders and strategically construct buildings, produce resources, build roads and transport goods with Donkeeples (donkey meeples) and more in the game Hamlet.

In four different colors, there are the following:
8 x refined material pieces. (2 each of the 4 kinds of timber, flour, milk and stone).
6 x flag
6 x donkeys
5 x roads
4 x villagers

32 x building tiles
23 x gold with the value of 1
18 x 18 x raw materials, representing the 3 raw materials wood, stone and wheat.
12 x market tiles
9 x award tiles in two different colors
7 x gold with the value of 5
1 x score board
1 x bag with print
1 x startingplayer marker (wooden hammer)

Our edition is the Founders Deluxe Edtiotion.

Therefore, the villagers and donkeys are illustrated, the coins are metal and the church is a 3D church.

I am very impressed by the amount of interaction in Hamlet, especially in comparison to similar games. The ingame economy makes the game really tight and you also start to wonder to what extent you can give other players advantages. – Tabletopping (link))

Weight: 2 kg.

Oh boy, folks. I love this! I love the look, the gameplay, the story that’s told… It’s just absolutely fantastic!


The game is a pure joy to play. You really feel immersed in the game

Not Bored Gaming

The depth to game time ration in Hamlet is excellent.