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Hit The Silk!

In Hit the Silk, you and a group of other criminals have managed to hijack a plane to take your stolen goods safely away. With this, you had to settle your debt to the less than forgiving casino owner. The plane is now in trouble and quickly losing altitude. You need to use parachutes to land safely with the stolen goods so you can settle your debt, but hold on tight... there aren't enough parachutes for you all!

Player count
20-45 min.

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It was always going to be a daring heist. Everything was going to plan until the pilot seized a gun from the lockbox, opened the emergency door and fired three rounds into the engine before bailing with his parachute and a spare.

You need to secure the loot but now you’re a parachute down on a plane that’s losing altitude. Fast. Who can you trust? Who's got the cash? Where are the 'chutes? And can you hold your nerve before you Hit the Silk!?

Hit the Silk! is a game of suspense and treachery. It's a highly social, semi-cooperative experience myriad with bluffing, negotiation, social deduction and a few take that elements which force you to reevaluate your strategy.

The game starts with the plane at a high altitude. For each action taken, the plane then drops 500ft (sometimes more). Before the plane crashes, players must agree by majority vote to Hit the Silk!

The plane height is tracked by the Altimeter, which also indicates when you will cast a vote - is it time to Hit the Silk!? At 1,000 ft, there is a mandatory bailout, below which it is impossible to survive the jump.

The game includes:
1 x Altimeter & Needle ("The thinner part of the rivet should be beneath the board")
1 x Playingboard
1 x Plane Token
1 x On Your Turn Card
1 x Game Play Guide
2 x Poison Tokens
2 x Landing Sequence Dice
3 x Handcuff Tokens
51 x Equipment & Action Cards
18 x Flannel Cards
+ stretch goals

At all times our variant includes the extra-module "Extra cargo".

Hit the Silk is social game of deal making, back-stabbing and luck. Every game I played was full of lively conversation and laughs.

What Hit the Silk does right is immediately engaging you in the theme. The stakes are high and you’re right in the middle of the action. In addition, the player board looks fantastic and function great. Rotating the altimeter dial really contributes to the theme and builds urgency through play. Unfilteredgamer – (Link)

There is a lot of mayhem, amusement and take that packed into the deck of cards. Expect poison, handcuffs, kung-fu chops, knife fights, antidotes and plenty of thievery!

Escape Plan Board Games really know how to imbue theme into a game. In Hit the Silk! you feel every stab in the back, grumble at every hindrance bestowed upon you and laugh at other player’s misfortune. You really do want to jump from the plane with a parachute AND enough money. Being left on the plane while everyone else jumps is like being picked last for a team game as a kid – no one wants that! – Boardgamereivew.co.uk (Link)

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Looks great, feels great, overall nice components, just like their last game. The artwork creates the theme very nicely.

Hairy Game Lords

A lot of tricky tactics during the game, because you’re not necessarily always wanting to work together, but you kind of have to at the same time.

Unfiltered Gamer

Fun and interesting, the fact that you can handcuff yourself to others, poison eachother, find the antidote – A lot of stress in a good way. Just a lot of fun!

Sam, Love 2 Hate