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Kiwi Chow Down

Kiwi Chow Down

You play as a Kiwi flock and your goal is to outmaneuver your opponents, gain dominance and victories in the various sections of the island. Kiwi Chow Down is played over four seasons, with each season having different ways to earn points. Each season has three rounds and you can either build, move or feed depending on the cards you have on hand and the strategy you choose.


Player count

1 - 5



30 - 90 min.




When you build, you claim benefits for your kiwi-flock both right away and at the beginning of each season.

Kiwi birds are hungry and love to be fed. When you feed them, they grow and can push other smaller kiwis out of the way or even away from the island. Be careful though - too much food and they explode!

Move your kiwi-flock to strategic areas to be more than your opponents. Use your leader or larger kiwi birds to push other players' kiwis away or off the table.

At the end of each season, domain markers must be placed to claim your territory. Domain markers are victory points. When the game ends, the player with the most victory points wins.

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4 x unique miniature figures (approx. 4 cm tall)
24 x nest miniature figures
1 x plastic insert
1 x rulebook
5 x leader cards
36 x action cards
6 x solo mode cards
8 x season cards
4 x modular island boards
4 x double-sided player boards
1 x season board
1 x first player marker
1 x season marker
44 x fruit counters
44 x domain markers
80 x kiwi tokens
24 x nest tokens
4 x turn order tokens
2 x embroidered cloth bags

Besides the basic-game our version includes extra components which is the following:
Option for asymmetrical player board
The print on the bags
5. miniature-figure + cards
6. miniature-figure + cards
7. miniature-figure + cards
8. miniature-figure
5 x cards for the season board
4 x alternative leader abilities
Cards and bigger kiwi tokens

Besides that a 5th player-expansion will always be included, and that includes:
9 x action cards
1 x island board
1 x player board
10 x domain markers
8 x fruit counters
20 x kiwi tokens
6 x nest tokens
6 x nest miniature figures
1 x turn order token

Weight: 1.5 kg

I had fun learning this one, I had fun playing it. I think a lot of people are really going to enjoy this, especially if they're just getting into territory control or abstract puzzles.


This is a game that can be played with kids, and 10 years old is a good starting point. Yet it also has depth and decisions that adults will enjoy. There is a lot of player interaction that has to be experienced to be realized.


I can totally see this suit a table both at a simple family game night, but also hit up a more serious event – its definitely one to get a game night for!

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