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Route East
Gone Rogue PNP

Based on a real road trip that took Jonny and George along the Silk Road, the idea for this game arose, with the suiting name Route East.

In the game, you have the opportunity to experience the same attractions that the two did. Your goal is to get to Shanghai, and your journey starts in Istanbul. But be prepared that your trip won't be easy. The other players are also trying to get to Shanghai, and only one can be the winner of Route East!

Player count
60-90 min.

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Drive from Istanbul to Shanghai in an incredibly fun board game filled with tense game frustrations, strategy and vendettas with other players. Based on a journey of a lifetime, Route East takes players over the mountains, valleys and stunning wonders of the less explored regions of the world as they test their planning skills and cunning.

At the start of each turn, you choose an ignition card and then play your three moves. How you play them is up to you - you can decide to move around the board or pick or play action cards that give you different advantages during the game. You may also have to roll the dice to move, depending on the circumstances.

Plan your route through must-see attractions along the way and develop a strategy based on budget, fuel, cunning and dirty tricks!

You got it, first one to Shanghai wins!

It won't be easy. Have we mentioned this before?
1) You certainly won't have enough money - that's for sure.
2) Your teammates will steal from you, bribe their way through the borders and damage your car so badly you'll be stuck for days without moving.
3) Early front-runners get the brunt of abuse - haven't you heard that slow and steady wins the race?
4) Play dirty or be kind. Become your competitors’ best ally or screw everyone over and make a dash for the finish

You'll need an equal mix of skill, planning, and bloody savviness to get to Shanghai first.

1 x main board
1 x die
5 x quick guides
5 x player pieces
20 x fuel tokens
30 x attraction cards
35 x border cards
70 x ignition cards
70 x action cards
100 x bank cards

Dive into the rules right here:
Route East - Rules

I particularly love the hand-drawn attraction cards. They are a mix of big bucket list locations and some places I’ve never even heard of before. The art is so beautiful it makes me want to visit them all right now! – Kay_Plays_Games (link)

The different routes you’ll have to plan and wide variety of cards bring that replayability, making games play out differently from game to game. To win takes careful planning and a good balance of managing resources and action cards. This is a game easy to make it to the table and it’s just a whole lot of fun every time you play it! – Woosung.Boardgames (link)

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The first thing we noticed about this game, is just how beautiful it looks. Just so awe-inspring as you’re looking at that colorful box of all these wonderful places.

Boxed Meeples

I think it’s a rather easy game, very approachable family game. I like the fact, that it is created based on a real journey of creators.

Beastie Geeks

The artwork is what drew me into this game, in particular the cover and the attraction cards, I think this style looks gorgeous.

Board Game Burger