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In the early days of our fifth world, the first people brought four lights from the lower world. These lights were distant and cold, and although we had days and nights, there were no seasons and it was always the same temperature. In Solani, fill the night sky with beautiful constellations composed of uniquely shaped pieces.

Player count
30-60 min.

40 €

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In Solani players will assemble constellations to be set into the sky, taking turns selecting two different shapes of tiles in a unique “double-headed” snake draft, before laying them onto their personal board. Properly connect the stars, observe the roaming planets, and correctly identify the placement of celestial bodies to complete your constellations puzzle in the best possible way. 

After twelve rounds of play, Coyote grows impatient; he grabs the edge of the buckskin rug and tosses the rest of the quartz skyward - creating the Milky Way.

1 x neoprene mat
4 x neoprene player mats
24 x special feature cards
4 x end game bonus cards
16 x wooden dark sky tiles
160 x wooden tiles (16 planets, 24 special tiles, 56 star tiles, 64 branch tiles)
4 x setup cards
2 x bags
1 x rulebook

Four Lights Module:
5 x cards
16 x wooden tiles

Shooting Star Module:
4 x wooden tiles

Special Feature Module:
6 x cards
6 x wooden tiles

Print on both bags
Dry Erase Score board + Marker
4 x end game bonus as tiles
4 x Dark Sky setup cards
1 x custom first player marker
Plastic insert for the box

In addition to the base game, our edition includes extra material such as the Four Lights module, the Shooting Star module and the Special Features module, plus some extras as described above.


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Solid art across the board. Very minimalistic and yet engaging at the same time.


There’s all those things to weigh and think about while you are just placing two tiles on your turn!

Ian Howard – Meeple Mountain

I think it’s clever, I think it’s fun, I think it does really interesting stuff!

Hungry Gamer