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Stop the Train

In Stop the Train you are a passenger on a train heading to Paris. But on board is a bomb and it's up to you to work together to stop the train in time before the bomb explodes the whole train and everyone onboard.

Player count
20-30 min.

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The 19.05 to Paris is armed with a bomb and hurtling towards its destination threatening civilian destruction. On board, the passengers (10 different characters) must work together to Stop the Train.

Stop the Train is a semi-cooperative, social deduction board game. Players have two missions:
Mission 1: Stop the Train!
Mission 2: A character-specific objective
To win, players need to complete both missions.

But! There's a saboteur in your midst hellbent on crashing the train, trying to secretly speed the train up at every turn without raising suspicion. The players must put their social deduction skills to the test by collectively identifying the Saboteur to regain control of the train.

The train speed is controlled by a speedometer which is impacted by the cards that are laid by each players called Effect Cards. The gameplay is accented by dramatic interventions, votes on route taken and emergency meetings where players can be thrown off the train. If the players can exhaust the deck of Effect Cards, the train runs out of steam. Otherwise a collision is caused and the game is lost and the Saboteur has prevailed.

66 x Effect Cards (that change the speedometer)
36 x Intervention Cards (that grant special powers)
18 x Voting Cards (to facilitate a secret ballot)
15 x lengths/curves of track
11 x Character Cards
6 x Character Reference Cards
2 x Train Counters
2 x Order of Play Cards
2 x Permits to Travel
1 x Card deck base & Speedometer
1 x Current Player Token
1 x Rail Speed Record
1 x Gameplay Guide

Dive into the rules right here:
Stop the Train – Rules

It’s as we said at the start, Stop The Train is a social-deduction-gamer’s game. A hidden-role-player’s hidden role game. It’s pure social interaction and interrogation through and through. You discuss, challenge, argue and accuse. The visual countdown of the train progressing is superbly thematic and sets up a great amount of tension as the game progresses. What’s more, the track is excellent at indicating what’s coming up and the consequences associated with each element. Whether it’s the risk of being thrown off a bridge or missing out on an objective, it’ll impact someone somehow! We very much enjoyed Stop The Train and its components, theme and ease of access really impressed. Couple that in with the pace of the game and you’ve got your new favourite social deduction game! Just don’t raise suspicion… No one wants to meet the ground at 180km/h! – Board-game.co.uk (link)

I think I like the idea of a hidden traitor/social deduction game more than I actually like playing them. I was recently introduced to Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Some would say that it’s the mother of all social deduction games and I just wasn’t very impressed. As with the case in almost every party game, the players you’re with will weigh heavily on the experience. With Deception, I had a good time with everyone, but the game left me wanting more from the experience. Stop the Train! provides those dramatic moments I was missing in Deception. Now I’m not saying Stop the Train! is a better overall game than Deception… I’m just saying Stop the Train! seemed to connect with me on a more satisfying level. – Unfilteredgamer (link)

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<em>I love the graphic design of this game. The traintracks looks great when they're laid out on the table.</em><br><br><strong>The Dice Tower - Blake</strong>

I love the graphic design of this game. The traintracks looks great when they’re laid out on the table.

The Dice Tower – Blake

<em>Narrative and pace elevates it above Werewolf</em><br><br><strong>Amass Games</strong>

Narrative and pace elevates it above Werewolf

Amass Games

<em>A game that's really easy to understand. A quick playing game, which are both good</em><br><br><strong>Non-Gamer</strong>

A game that’s really easy to understand. A quick playing game, which are both good