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The Girl Who Made The Stars

The Girl Who Made The Stars

The girl reached into the wood ash and grabbed a palmful, and as she blew it from her palm, the ashes swirled and churned as they moved skyward, lighting up the once dark skies. The Girl Who Made The Stars is a tile-laying puzzle game for 1-4 players based on a San African myth about the creation of the milky way and the stars.


Player count

1 - 4



60 min.




In the time of the first people, the night sky was dark and featureless. The village elders prohibited venturing out into the dark starless night for fear of the dangers that lurked there. One night after her mother cooked dinner, a young girl, frustrated with these restrictions, took a bit of ash and roots and cast the red and white embers into the sky, forming the milky way and the other stars, in an attempt to illuminate the night so the villagers could safely collect resources necessary for their survival.

As a village elder, gaze upon the new stars in the night sky and discern the forms of constellations to provide wisdom and illumination to the village. Draw constellations into the earth, with your depictions gaining light, stars, and stardust for the village. Then, as villagers guided by this newfound light, venture into the surrounding darkness to collect much needed resources, including fruit, fish, and small and large game. The resources you collect for the village will boost your reputation, and the player with the highest reputation at the end of the game is the winner.

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1 x main board
1 x score board
1 x night sky board
1 x girl-figure
50 x stardust tokens
90 x light crystals
13 x wood ash tokens
5 x bags
4 x player boards
144 x double-sided star tiles
16 x double-hex bonus tokens
4 x elder meeples
4 x scoring markers
16 x tribal meeples
16 x fruit tokens
12 x fish tokens
12 x rabbit tokens
12 x antelope tokens
20 x connection reward tokens
4 x offering cards
1 x rulebook

Besides the basic-game our version includes extra components which is the following:
Milky way module:
16 x milky way tiles
2 x wood ash tokens

Dark crystal module:
32 x dark crystals

Night Sky tower
Print on all bags
3 x offering cards
Custom score markers
Print on girl-figure, elder meeples and tribal meeples
Plastic insert
Dual Layered player boards
Offering cards as tiles

Weight: 1.5 kg

If you're craving solo puzzle as well as interactions, this might be for you.

Meeple University

The interplay between actions between mechanisms in this game is very solidly done.


The theme about the girl creating the Milky Way and the stars, really plays into this game. I mean the entire game is almost based on that theme. It just encompasses it really really well.

Tantrum House

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