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The Great Race 2
Wild West & Far East

In The Great Race 2 or The Great Race: Wild West and Far East, we are once again back in the 1930s and behind the wheel of the halftrack. This time you are now able to to race through America or Asia.

Player count
45-80 min.

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In the early 1930s, in a time of challenges and a world that always admires the adventurous. The pioneers of the automobile pushed back the limits of what was possible, using specialized halfracks to cross Africa and South America. Now they will tackle larger spaces, from East/West.

Imagine the largest continents, Asia and its 13.000 km without roads or paths, and the United States, with its immense plains and varied landscapes. These are the new playgrounds for the crews that rush to take up the challenge.

Americans, Germans, and Chinese teams are formed, selecting their greatest drivers, adventures, cartographers, mechanics, and rangers to cross the great outdoors. And a new very different team joings the struggle. They will have to show courage and resourcefulness just to stay in the race, and extra efforts to succed. But now there new ways to gain fame (and points). Winnning means more than just crossing the finish line first!

"If you want to advance into the infinite, explore the finite in all directions" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our version always includes the expansion 'Expansion 2'

Are you interested in the full pack you should buy The Great Race 1, which includes The Great Race 1 and the expansion 'Explansion 1'.


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It brings even more variability than in the first edition. Different modules bring expert to the game or at least a different experience.

Les Recettes Ludiques

I like it alot. Then, very important, the honor roll which allows you not to end the game, without players reaching the finish line.

Les Recettes Ludiques

There are many things to try. The experience module too. Asymmetrical mode brings a little bit more fun and a little bit more chaos to the games.

Les Recettes Ludiques